Top 1000 Earth Pictures

beautiful golden beach, Cornwall

Living in Bude you would say that, it’s completely unconnected to anything else, I grew up there and left when I was 21, but my family have been there going back 5 generations, now in my mid 30’s and I have lived all over

Early Morning at McWay Falls in Big Sur, CA

I downloaded an entire 3+hr youtube video and saved it to my portable hard drive. I play it sometimes on my digital projector. Its like having a window overlooking the ocean. It is very soothing. I can fall asleep to it and it never

Beautiful landscape of an Icelandic beach

The picture is definitely taken in perfect weather, and is in almost every way quite perfect, but this is definitely what it could look like in real life. >It might be i just don’t notice them anymore This is true from my experience. I’m

Early Morning Cypress Trees Near Medina, TX

View post on View post on View post on View post on The edit made me LOL. I’ve had chiggers on several occasions. Typically, you get about 100+ bites, from your ankles up to your crotch (and yes, they will

Lake Baringo, Kenya

If you want to know. I wasn’t trying to add to any discussion. I was just voicing my opinion if that’s okay with you. I looked at this picture and all I saw was the wonder of digital editing. This sub has never struck

Kiss of the turtle. Seychelles

It depends what you would like to do. Mahe is the main island and there are plenty of packages you can buy. You can go more exclusive on one of the other islands, the more remote and smaller the population, the more expensive it

Tombstone, Yukon, Canada

Sorry about your unpleasant encounter with a biker, and I appreciate that you seem to have a pretty open mind about it. I can understand your concerns – I live in a city and hike more than I bike these days. On a lot

Sunrise in Montana

I think the race that had the best period of human life are Native americans, imagine the US before the English got here… A paradise. Beautiful rolling hills and land as far as the eye can see, with plenty of food. I can’t imagine

The Bend in Oregon

This is what I love about Oregon, you got just about every type of climate, you’ve just to decide which you like more and move there. One of my favorite things is to drive over Mt Hood from the Portland side and see the

Summer in England on my farm

Ok guys I’m actually extremely suprised that this back me so popular but I would love to answer more questions if you would like. I would consider my self a very different type of farmer, for one I’m a pc master race, 2 I