Great Ocean Road, Australia

Bells is closer to Torquay, Roadknight is ‘just’ on the Lorne side of Anglesea. Bells is well known, but there’s a few other epic surf beaches along that strip. The back beach at Roadknight is facing out to Bass Straight and pretty big, the

Devils Tower, Wyoming, USA

Kiowa Legend Before the Kiowa came south they were camped on a stream in the far north where there were a great many bears, many of them. One day, seven little girls were playing at a distance from the village and were chased by

The Narrows in Zion National Park

I didn’t mention tripods because the question was specifically about the kind of camera used. And I never called it a great photograpg, I said it was a really nice one. Either way it’s completely subjective, and completely relative. Would this picture give Ansel

Crater Lake

>The Klamath tribe of Native Americans, who may have witnessed the collapse of Mount Mazama and the formation of Crater Lake, have long regarded the lake as a sacred site. Their legends tell of a battle between the sky god Skell and Llao, the

Breathtaking.. My spot by the river in Yosemite

It can get busy in the main campgrounds in the summer, getting a campsite is next to miraculus [](, but for $20/night for up to 6 people it’s the best way to experience Yosemighty (my dad’s pronunciation). So the main campgrounds are always full,

Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii

No problems. I find it is the only place I’ve ever been that felt like I was at home so I love to talk about it. New Jersey sucks. 😉 There was a bit more daylight in May. Daylight is like currency there. Not

Oregon’s Mt. Jefferson

I released my dads ashes out of the back of a Cessna over Mount Jefferson last November. We had a nice wake the night before and I donned his kilt for the whiskey drinking. He wore that kilt to my wedding rehearsal dinner. I

Shenandoah National Park at sunrise.

A bit of advice from a Washington State local who visited Shenandoah for a week; do not refer to the tall landmasses as “hills”. The locals will get indignant and insist they are mountains. I also recommend hiking the 13 mile “Big Schloss” loop.

Winter approaching Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

> As a Scotsman posts about “Banff” always confuse me, before I realise it’s the Canadian knock-off. Homage friend. Many of us came from Scots who came over here. Calgary, pronounced ‘kælɡ(ə)ri/’ * Airdrie * Ardmore * Ardrossan * Banff – named after town

Duality – Albuquerque, NM

Keep in mind that Albuquerque itself is pretty bland, typical stripmall/southwest city. However it does have some pretty parts such as the North Valley, Old town, the botanical gardens, zoo and of course the Sandia Crest area to the East. If you are visiting,

Snow on the Grand Canyon

Awesome picture! Went for a three day, two night trip to the Grand Canyon with a couple of my cousin’s on Thanksgiving a few years ago. We planned on going South Rim to North Rim and back (South Kaibab Trail in, to North Kaibab

Earth’s Carvings. Crete, Greece.

Wouldn’t be too hard, since you can blend moss and then paint your moss-shake onto stony surfaces and let it grow, or too damaging, much better than my urge to carve the continents onto it. Edit: [Moss graffiti](, instructions[ here](

Three Sisters, Glencoe, Scotland

Fun fact: you can legally become Lord of Glencoe for as little as £25. The nobility system in Scotland is very different than the one in England, one only needs to own land in an area to be deemed Lord. Since Glencoe was looking

Okay Yosemite, you win.

Fantastic picture! Even if the lights are artificial it is still beautiful, and reminds me of John Muir’s quote about Yosemite being a “Range of light”. “Looking eastward from the summit of Pacheco Pass one shining morning, a landscape was displayed that after all