Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada

Unfortunately this rock (and hundreds of surrounding rocks) was just TAGGED! It is horrible, and decimating a local (and national) treasure. We had a group go and do a graffiti removal day, but we need to get a few more organized to finish cleaning

Split Rock, Syracuse, NY

It’s nice to see something from Syracuse make the front page that isn’t something negative. 🙂 I grew up in this area and have been to the Rock Crusher several times and have walked through the tunnels in daylight and in the night time.

Great Smoky Mountains, I took this image at dusk from Clingmans Dome

Source: [Smokies at Dusk]( by [Shawn Bierman]( on []( Available for [HD Download]( and [Framed Print]( Request for [Royalty Free License](

“The Loner” – the famous tree on Buttermere in the Lake District, England

Came here to ask this. Edit: [It is certainly well photographed](–

Genesee River, New York, United States

Excellent photograph. It is a beautiful place. Lots of variety in the hiking. Big expanses of lawn too for spreading out on a blanket or having a group party (and you aren’t right up on another group). New York State as a whole gets

The Milky Way over the Mavora Lakes

Glad you had some success with it even if your subject is kinda boring! I took 4 shots of the sky at 25s that were simply stitched together for the panorama, I didn’t stack any shots in this photo, just stitched. It can be

Fall colors at Tahquamenon falls, MI

My friend is living in South MI for a couple years, so I went over to visit. We’re originally from Wales and everyone told us to go visit the UP because of how he described our home country. We did Mackinaw/Mackinac, went to the

Laila Peak in the Karakoram

Yes, Indian side of Kashmir has its problems and India is not going to let it go. There are three ideologies – 1) pro independece 2) pro Pakistan 3) pro India (majority, because at the end of the day a common man wants peaceful

If Monet had a camera – Denmark

Monet Refuses the Operation By Lisel Mueller Doctor, you say there are no haloes around the streetlights in Paris and what I see is an aberration caused by old age, an affliction. I tell you it has taken me all my life to arrive