Multiple waterspouts touching down where the lava flow meets the ocean at Kilauea.

This is an award winning photo and I think some credit should be acknowledged to the photographer. >[Bruce Omori](, owner of Extreme Exposures Fine Art Gallery in Hilo, received the Windland Smith Rice International Award for his lava photo titled “Volcanic Vortices,” which will

Lake Sørvágsvatn, Faroe Islands,

Not that much, really. Take a boat ride. Go to a music festival in summer (and you want to go there in summer anyway). The “Koks” restaurant, if you’re into the whole Nordic cuisine hype or want to find out about it or just

Milford Sound Falls, New Zealand

No quite the opposite actually. There is only one venomous spider native to NZ – [The katipo]( Recently some australian spiders like the red back have become established after coming over on ships and the like but in terms of native flora and fauna

Watkins Glen State Park, Upstate New York

Any locals remember this? “Timespell Since the gorge becomes pitch-black at night, the state sought ways of increasing park traffic and revenue for the off-hours (short of illuminating the whole glen). In 1983, the Timespell Light and Laser Show opened, allowing ticket-holders to pack

Golden sunset on Half Dome, Yosemite

CA is definitly ok solo. (I’m a woman and travel around CA solo a lot) The national parks are ….national parks. Clearly marked paved roads, ranger stations, lots of info. And they are used to catering to an international crowd not just Americans. I

The Less Seen Side of Delicate Arch Utah,

He thought the idea whereas 1000s of climbers did not. At the time in April of 2006 it wasn’t against the law. It just wasn’t done because of wink wink nudge nudge gentlemans agreement with NPS. Clint Eastwood climbed the Totem Pole when Eiger

Tributary to Lake Powell | Bullfrog, Utah

It does not look easy over land. It looks like you either go to a place called “Hole in the Rock” that is further upriver and has a road that [ends here](https:[email protected],-110.9013381,18z/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=fr ). Note the 4×4 trucks parked there in the satellite image. Then

2am in Antarctica

I spent 4 months there last year as a grad student. I lived in McMurdo station, which is the largest station on the continent (and I happened to work in the tallest building on the continent – a big high bay on skis). A

Yosemite Sunrise

Yup, but the crowds only happen if you let them. If you make an effort, you can avoid them by going early/late in the day or on some of the lesser known trails. I didn’t get away on too many lesser known hikes, but

Sand Dunes in South Africa

Ya, except that it was a province of South Africa… and was represented in Parliament. To cut a long story short, the UN put Namibia under South African administration but South Afrixa decided rather to incorporate the country as a province. ” The Mandate

The Smell of the Rain. A summer storm over the dramatic peaks of the Hautes Savoie, France.

The waterfall on the right is apparently called “Cascade du violon/de la scie” or ” Violin falls / Saw falls “. I found [this picture]( on Wikipedia commons, taken by Tangopaso, and [the location](’33.4%22N+6%C2%B051’[email protected],6.8714483,3608m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0!6m1!1e1?hl=en) from the EXIF data at the bottom of the page.

Yosemite Sunrise

I know that it’s possible to get rid of the watermark like that, but you have to think, anyone can crop the picture easily, basically everyone knows how to do that. Removing a watermark the way you did, most people won’t go to that

Misty October in the Pacific Northwest

It is the area in the United States that consists of Washington, Oregon, parts of lower British Columbia, and the pan handle of Idaho. What makes the PNW what it is is the Cascade Mountain range that splits Washington and Oregon down the Middle.

Morning on the Lost Coast

I did this two summers ago with some friends. Absolutely incredible. The sunsets on the ocean were almost as unbelievable as the foggy hills. We had to be mindful of the tide. I loved the parts where we had to time running across stretches