Italian Dolomites

>You’re not far off however dolomite is actually a **metamorphic** version of limestone. It forms whenever ground water flows through limestone and replaces the calcium with magnesium. That is not a metamorphic process. Here’s the wiki >Recent research has found modern dolomite formation under

Reynisfjara black pebble beach, Søren

I was there also in May. Best thing in May is you’ll mostly be by yourself, almost no tourists. Weather was not the best, but nothing you won’t be able to handle. We had very strong wind almost all the time, we also had

Semien Mountains, Ethiopian Highlands

I think you need to do a little basic research. It’s hard to generalize such a gigantic and diverse area that you’re describing. Many of these areas have what you describe, and many areas do not. And for the most part as a tourist

Lake Matheson (The Mirror Lake), New Zealand

Picture yourself swimming slowly across that river, taking in the serenity and view. Wondering how you got to this place, you feel a tug on your left foot. “What the hell?” You think as you scan the water around you, seeing nothing but low

This water is blue all by itself. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye

I’m saying that mechanism of your explanation doesn’t explain the experiment I proposed. And my source doesn’t support your mechanism. The key is the differential absorbance of red vs blue light. Water reflects all visible light roughly equally. Thus saying that there isn’t enough

Dolomites valley, Italy

I usually try to refrain from talking about myself in comments, but just this once I feel like I have to “say this out loud.” Even though it only really matters to me. This is *extremely* close to what I’ve imagined my favorite place

Big Sur, California

Too funny- I saw a diffrent view of this same spot like two weeks ago- but the spot is so beautiful, I’m not complaining! 🙂 I grew up in California and have spent most of my adult life in Hawaii, and while I love

Melchior Islands, Antarctica

Did you mean 0BC? /u/kevlarpuss was making fun of the fact that Melchior, the name of the islands, is one of the names of the traditional Three Kings that came to visit Jesus Christ shortly after he was born, the others being Caspar and

Hiking below the Fisher Towers in Utah

Fellow Utahn here for another year or so, and I agree with everything you said, except that you should buy better beer like Epic, the one I had last night was 8.3% and tastes amazing. Shitty about the liquor stores being closed on Sunday’s,

Extraordinary geysers in the Nevadan desert

1) The answer is that there is a huge amount of water available relative to the amount that can escape through a hole that size under whatever amount of pressure there is in the system. It could be groundwater from a wide area flowing

Hanging Lake, Colorado

As a native Chicagoan, our summers are awesome. Lake Michigan looks like an ocean. There is plenty to do (but stay away from Navy Pier!), we have great public transit, an awesome bike path right along the lake, beaches, movies in the park, street