“This dog just appeared out of nowhere and followed us for an entire week during our trekking trip in the Himalayan outback…When I decided to get up at 4 a.m. to climb the next 5000 m peak…he accompanied me as well. On the top he was sitting for the entire 30 minutes on this place”

In US culture (and much of the 1st world) we don’t have the concept of a “village dog.” We have personal/family dogs and then all other dogs are strays. The way that most dogs developed, and have lived through history, was actually as village

Somewhere in China by Igor Galarza

My best guess is it was taken close to 24°54’40.0″N 110°29’50.3″E looking northeast. I was in a town called XingPingZhen (兴坪镇) several years ago while traveling through China and that bend in the river looks familiar. EDIT: [google maps link](https://www.google.com/maps/place/24%C2%B054’40.0%22N+110%C2%B029’[email protected],110.497297,2445m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0)

“We all were reluctant to rush back down after experiencing a sunrise behind Everest. So, we took more stops than usual and were gifted by this rare optical phenomena. A circumhorizontal arc combined with a 22-degree halo” – Nuptse summit, Khumjung, Nepal

I spent about six weeks trekking through the Everest region of the Himalayas several years ago. Except for the higher altitudes, you can easily get by on $10-15 dollars a day. Obviously *climbing* Everest is a different story, but you can still get up

Canyon Gorge, Oregon, photo by Peter Lik

This picture is taken at lower Oneonta falls, which is at street level. If you did the trail you probably walked right next to this from above without knowing. Basically, park [where the pin is in this map](https:[email protected],-122.0753629,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x5495ebb462a45fcb:0xbcd9961e07c0b7c1) and just start walking up the

North Fork, OR

Fun fact: leading up to July 4 last year, there were continued sightings of a mountain lion in Portland-proper. On July 4, there was a family having a backyard BBQ, when their dog started going nuts barking up a tree. It was a mountain

The Milky Way as seen from Kazakhstan, by Elmar Akhmetov

Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world All other countries are run by little girls Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium All other countries have inferior potassium Kazakhstan home of Tinshein swimming pool Its length thirty meter and width six meter Filtration system a marvel

Paddling Down the Grand Canyon

Probably the most spontaneous trip I’ll ever take. Some information: For those of you who don’t know, permits are awarded on a raffle system. This can take decades to win because of the limited amount and sheer volume of applicants. Another group who had

Summertime prairie outside of Luverne, Minnesota

It’s an image that could’ve been cool, but the creator ended up with something that looks waaaaay too over-processed. Since it seems to be a photo stack (Multiple photos smooshed together) there’s ghosting on the grass in the foreground where it’s moved in the

Mt. Erebus in the deepest Antarctic winter

In this case you should be interested in the heat capacity of this material, which would actually be really high. Point is, however, that regardless of how much q it holds, it’s going to lose it without more q being added. q can be

The Marble Cathedral in General Carrera Lake, Chile

There is a wide variety of seafood (the whole country is coastal), rich culture of open-flame grilling (“asados”) meats and sausages, they are one of the world’s top wine producers, large numbers of German/Austrian immigrants brought with them a tradition of German beer craftsmanship,

Mormon Row Meadow, Grand Teton National Park

As someone who lives here I feel the need to give you guys the flip side of living within 15 minutes of this incredible beauty. fifty years ago Teton County, Wyoming abolished the property tax. Thirty years before Nelson Rockefeller began buying lots of

The Flower Ocean, Louping, China.

*Communism always leads to dictatorship.* Really, because there hasn’t been a dictator in China for several decades now. *History teaches that freedom, self-determination and free markets always yield higher standards of living for the greatest number of people.* Really, because “communist’ China has pulled

Fam Islands, West Papua

I saw the Act of Killing. Very unfortunate I actually spoke with someone involved there. The river pollution was a vestige of an earlier generation of mining- a real problem, and stoked conflict which led to the current state of the mining industry there.